So I fell off the workout wagon hardcore in December.

I got a new job and spent 2 weeks on the road. It was full of eating crap, no enough sleep and long days sitting in the car driving. None of the places we stayed had workout equipment.

As a result, there was no lifting weights or anything and lots of fast food. I put on 30lbs.

30 freaking lbs.

This being the first full week of January, I got back on the wagon and changing stuff up. Gym trips are 3x a week and focus on the Starting Strength method of work outs. When I hit the limits on that, I’ll look at some of the other programs out there. I am not going to do accessory work at the gym, I am leaving that for at home and doing the Reddit Body weight Recommended Routine 5x a week. I’ve enlisted a couple friends to do it with me.

I’ve also gone and cut out bread, pasta and rice from my diet along with sugars. There has been a lot of oatmeal this week and I found some oatmeal and 4 eggs is a good breakfast.

Meals are going to be prepped with the 1 ingredient method, where you use foods that are just a single ingredient by themselves to assemble a meal. Basically, a meal is usually many ingredients together and some of those ingredients are made of other ingredients.

Take Pasta Alfredo with Chicken.

  1. Chicken
  2. Pasta
    1. Flour
    2. Eggs
  3. Alfredo Sauce
    1. Cream
    2. Cheese (cheese counts as a single ingredient because its milk prepared a way)

With the 1 Ingredient Method, you can’t use the Pasta or Alfredo because they are made up of other ingredients. It all sounds weird but its pretty simple.

Using the 1 Ingredient Method you can make Cheesy Chicken with Veggies

  1. Chicken
  2. Cheese
  3. Carrots
  4. Potatoes
  5. Broccoli

See the difference?¬† Anyway, that’s my plan going forward.


Goal is 70lbs in 7 months

I can do this.


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