Wow, Its been awhile

I just realized today that it has been a long time since I posted anything on my blog. Honestly, I have really felt like it. 2018 has been a less than stellar year in the life of Richard. Fighting the worst bout of depression since I’ve had since I was Read more…


New beginning

So I fell off the workout wagon hardcore in December. I got a new job and spent 2 weeks on the road. It was full of eating crap, no enough sleep and long days sitting in the car driving. None of the places we stayed had workout equipment. As a Read more…


Personal Trainer for the Newb – Don’t Bother

Most of us have had the experience of getting over your fear of the gym and finally signing up. It can be a scary experience, especially if you are obese, just out of shape or just plan nervous of all the stories floating around of bad gym experiences. Taking that big first step and go to one of the big national


Fat Boy’s Road To Strongman

Confession My name is Richard and I am obese, like really morbidly obese. I’ve always been the biggest guy in school or work. At 6’4 and 350lbs currently¬† (started at 395), I take up a lot of room. Most people don’t think I weigh that much because I carry my Read more…