Richard Csuk Profile

A Little About Richard Csuk

I was born and raised in Miami, FL where I lived a typical suburban life. Just before my 20th birthday, I moved to the Pacific Northwest and I started my career in the electronics manufacturing industry. A few years later, the biggest change in my life happened when I quit work, started college and got a part time job in the Electric Vehicle Industry.

It started off building controllers and racing full size electric cars at NEDRA events. I moved into doing customer service, then eventually sales/marketing and running day to day operations for over 8 years.

Aside from my love of EVs, I am a complete nerd. Science, Warhammer 40k, comics, sci-fi, movies are just some of the things I enjoy and will talk about incessantly if given the chance. Fly fishing the beautiful Rogue River in Grants Pass and hiking the hills of Southern Oregon are things I like to do that get me out of the house and into nature. *gasp*