So a lot has happened in the last few months. Friends have died, loved ones gotten sick and needed surgery, family in failing health, and business ventures blowing up. I think a new path is needed for me to look at. It can’t hurt right?

The Old Path

After loosing my job in 2017, I decided I would try a go at running my own business, specifically an engineering/consulting company. I immediately had a couple prospects that I gathered the people I needed to develop the products. Over the last 6 months, those various projects went south for numerous reasons. Chinese economy going soft, the product was not economically viable when we did the research and a death. It has been a frustrating year of being so close to something happening then poof. As someone who deals with depression, it has been really hard to pick up the pieces and move ahead. So with little prospect on the horizon, its time to shift lanes and try something else.

New Path

Golf Carts in a Row

So what am I going to do?

Two things actually. Two really stupid things. Well not stupid, just sound like it from the outside.

First is starting my own golf car repair company. I know, people are going, ‘Rich what the hell do you know about golf cars?’. The short answer, I am probably one of the top golf repair experts in the country. Been doing it for 15 years and troubleshooting various problems for my last couple real jobs. Now, you are going ‘Why didn’t you did that after you got laid off?” Because I wanted out of the golf cart industry and the EV market. I’ve been in the EV business for almost 20 years now, actually 20 years this coming Jan and wanted to try something new. When it comes to paying the bills and eating, I can put aside the need to want to move out of the industry.

The second crazy idea is doing more Maker type stuff and selling it. I took up wood turning earlier this year. I’ve spent some time at a friend’s place practicing on their lathe. In that time, I have gone from really bad to moderately ok. I’ve made a bunch of little boxes for practice. I showed some people the boxes and they bought them. o.O A few people have asked for more of them and other types of things. So, I will be doing woodturning boxes, bowls and the like, along with resin paperweights, rings and pendants. All stuff I’ve sold just by showing people. I’m looking setting up an Etsy shop and hitting the local farmer’s market and craft fairs with my wares. One of my friends said I should make a youtube channel and document the stuff I do. I might just do this once I have a dedicated space set up.

So yeah

I think 2019 will be interesting and very very very busy. I will have my day job, the golf car repair business and then making wood and resin stuff. I hope the resin/wood thing takes off more so than the repair thing, as I would rather do that. But I am good with either of them taking off or neither of them.

So wish me luck and when I go live with stuff, support me and buy Khajits wares!