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A new path

So a lot has happened in the last few months. Friends have died, loved ones gotten sick and needed surgery, family in failing health, and business ventures blowing up. I think a new path is needed for me to look Read more…

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Post a day (or try too)

So I have lots of plans for the new year. Loosing Weight Writing more Improve my outlook on life Make more friends Play more Warhammer and other games with people, in real life. Walk/Hike more To accomplish some of that, Read more…

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New beginning

So I fell off the workout wagon hardcore in December. I got a new job and spent 2 weeks on the road. It was full of eating crap, no enough sleep and long days sitting in the car driving. None Read more…

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How I got into RPGs

The When Imagine it. Miami, 1988. A young high school nerd is on his computer visiting various BBSs (Bulletin Board Systems, the precursor to the Internet for you younglings.). He sees a post in a forum about looking for people Read more…

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BBEG Reading List

BBEG Suggested Reading List

Last month I did a post about making a BBEG stand out. I decided to follow up on that topic with a suggested reading list for DMs on making their BBEG’s and game worlds that much better. Given that DnD Read more…

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